Vida Verde Pharm» — Uzbek pharmaceutical company specializing in production of herbal medical products to enhance the stamina and health strengthening.

Our main areas of activity - development and production of natural herbal medicinal products.

At present, the range of company products are 17 as in tablet form and 2 as cosmetic products in spray form.

All products of
«Vida Verde Pharm» are made on the basis of natural raw materials and mineral origins.

Line of natural products of
«Vida Verde Pharm» is constantly growing due to development of original medical products with a strong clinical efficacy.

Manufacturing processes in
«Vida Verde Pharm» company fully comply with international quality standards of GMP.

Vida Verde Pharm widely uses medicinal herbs with the great healing power, growing in the mountains and valleys of the Altai. Up to 80% used herbs get collected in the natural environmental Altai region and the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains.

The health-giving powers of the Altai herbs are been known far beyond the region, for centuries and we are proud that our products can bring to people the best effect of what the nature could give to people.

Our mission - We want to explore, develop, and timely bring to market innovative natural products designed to prevent diseases and to alleviate the sufferings of people and improve the patient's life.

We also want to provide returns to shareholders, which reflects the successful performance of the
«Vida Verde Pharm» company and at the same time reward those who invest their time and ideas to our company.

Our strategy

Long-term strategy of "Vida Verde Pharm" based on the three key priorities of the company:

- Strengthening the leadership in innovation through research and development of new products and expand the scope of the current existing portfolio;

- Acceleration the growth in all divisions by presenting new products and expanding its presence in emerging markets;

- To increase productivity through a number of corporate initiatives that would exempt financial resources for investment in research and development of new products.

Following these priorities, we support the company's growth above the market, provide a profit to investors and improve the quality of products and services to patients through our innovative solutions.


With Best Regards,

Umidjon Rakhmatullaev

Chief Executive Officer