Contract manufacturing and private label for food supplements and medicines in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Vida Verde Pharm has been specializing in the manufacture of food supplements and medicines for a long time and is one of the leading manufacturers of these products in Uzbekistan. We have established and strengthened our top-rated market position as a specialized contract manufacturer and packager for food supplements for special medical purposes. Based on our expertise as a manufacturer and supplier of soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, herbal extracts, syrups, and oil blends we are excellently positioned to successfully assist you in the creation of your new products.

We are engaged in the development and production of a wide range of products with unique recipes, corresponding to current international market trends.

Apart from having our own line of products, our company provides services for contract manufacturing in Uzbekistan.

Our company carries out a full production cycle: from the preparation of documents for registration to the actual production of products. As a team of experienced supplement contract manufacturers, we make a point of asking you the right questions and learning the right details so that we can help you, as the brand owner, make the best product possible.

Vida Verde Pharm’s production facilities are located near Tashkent. Possessing a modern industrial complex and many years of experience in manufacturing our own products, our company offers high-quality contract manufacturing services.

A large production premises, high-tech equipment and highly qualified technologists will help organize the full-cycle production of drugs in tablet and capsule forms, as well as in the form of sprays and suspensions (syrups). We have large extraction capacity and vast experience in the production of herbal extracts. Our highest standard, modern production facilities and our continuous investments in new cutting-edge production machinery ensures most reliable product quality and thus long-standing, satisfied customers.

Types of our products:

  • - ordinary tablets;
  • - tablets with a coating
  • - enteric-coated tablets;
  • - bilayer tablets (any color range);
  • - water-alcohol solutions
  • - suspensions (syrups)
  • - powder encapsulation



If you have an idea for a new product, but lack production capacity, we offer services of a full cycle for the production of drugs and food supplements. We will develop a new product, take care of the necessary documentation, obtain a license and certificates, and organize production under your name. We carry out mandatory product certification. Over the last decade, we've made contract supplement manufacturing easy for brand owners by providing them with "one-stop" solutions - allowing them to go to market faster than the competition.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer you dozens of contract manufacturing services to choose from. Whether you choose to take advantage of our full suite of services - or just the two or three that your business needs - is entirely up to you. In addition to production, you can order separately product packaging services. We can offer a different form of packaging: plastic bottles, blisters, cardboard boxes, vials, jars, bottles, or pump containers... you choose and our experienced team will be happy to assist you with an individual packaging solution which meets your requirements. Your advantage: First-class packaging of your products will make you stand out in a highly competitive market.

Contract manufacturing of dietary supplements and drugs in Uzbekistan frees you from the need for large investments in the purchase of equipment, our specialists will take care of certification and organization of production, you will not have to look for extra personnel or deal with registration paperwork - we solve all the issues. We make sure that you get a quality product ready for distribution in Uzbekistan. 

We are not only an expert partner for contract manufacturing, our development team will be happy to advise and assist you in all stages of the process, from the first idea to the finished packed product. Our dedicated team provides for the fast realization of your projects, to establish your presence in the market with innovative products.

When you choose Vida Verde Pharm as your supplement contract manufacturer, you're choosing experience. Over the years, Vida Verde Pharm has become a well-known company in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan. We have a huge number of partners, but we are always open for new cooperation. We will do everything to ensure that your brand is working and recognizable.

Contract manufacturing services from Vida Verde Pharm completely will free you from the need to solve multiple production issues, optimizes your costs, reduces the time from product development to its release to the market. We will be at your side as your competent partner from the first idea to the finished new product!

Over the last years, our team has helped bring dozens of unique dietary supplement products to Uzbek market. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Our goal is to help you make the most of your company’s time, effort, and capital with each production run.

Our advantages

  • - extensive experience in the production of pharmaceutical products
  • - modern production complex
  • - integrated system of quality and safety of products in accordance with international standards (ISO, GMP, HACCP)
  • - highly qualified staff

Our guarantees

  • - high quality
  • - competitive prices
  • - individual approach
  • - short time of production

For all questions about cooperation, please call:

+998 71 245 5011

+998 93 539 8081